Conserving, Restoring and Managing the United States Caribbean Fishery Resources, in the EEZ Around Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands
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CFMC Meeting dates for year 2015:

  • August 18-19, 2015 - will be in Puerto Rico
  • December 15-16 - meeting will be in St Thomas, USVI

Other Meetings:

  • The next SSC meeting will be held at the CFMC Headquarters on March 24-26, 2015.  Travel days are the 23rd and the 27th of March.

For more information please contact the CFMC Headquarters.


Latest Fishery Bulletins:

  • FB15-20 - Seasonal Prohibition on Fishing for or Possession of Mutton and Lane Snapper in U.S. Caribbean Federal Waters Begins on April 1, 2015, at 12:01 a.m., Local Time
  • FB15-20 - Spanish Version, Temporada de Veda para la Pesca y Posesión de la Sama y el Arrayao en las Aguas Federales del Caribe Estadounidense, Comenzando a las 12:01 a.m., hora local, efectivo el 1ro de abril de 2015
  • FB15-015 - Annual Mutton Snapper Spawning Aggregation Seasonal Area Closure in Federal Waters of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands Begins on March 1, 2015, at 12:01 a.m., Local Time.
  • FB15-015Spanish version, Cierre de Temporada Anual en el Área de la Agregación de Desove de la Sama en Aguas Federales del Caribe Estadounidense al Sudoeste de Santa Cruz, Islas Vírgenes Estadounidenses, comenzando a las 12:01 a.m., hora local, efectivo el 1ro de marzo de 2015.
  • FB15-004 - Seasonal Prohibition on Fishing for Red, Black, Tiger, Yellowfin, and Yellowedge Grouper in Caribbean Federal Waters and Seasonal Closure of Grammanik Bank off St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. NOAA Fisheries Reminds the public there is a seasonal prohibition on fishing for or possession of red, black, tiger, yellowfin, and yellowedge grouper in Caribbean federal waters from 12:01 a.m., local time, February 1 through April 30, 2015. This prohibition on possession does not apply to such grouper harvested and landed on shore prior to the closure.
  • FB15-004 - Spanish Version - Temporada de veda para la pesca y posesión del mero rojo, negro (mero prieto), dientes de sable (tigre), guajil (mero pinto), y guajil amarillo, en las aguas federales del Caribe estadounidense y cierre de temporada en el área del Banco Grammanik en San Tomás, Islas Vírgenes Estadounidenses.  El Servicio Nacional de Pesquerías Marinas (NOAA Fisheries) desea recordarle al público en general sobre la temporada de veda para la pesca y posesión del mero rojo, negro (mero prieto), dientes de sable (tigre), guajil (mero pinto) y guajil amarillo en las aguas federales del Caribe Estadounidense, comenzando a las 12:01 a.m., hora local, desde el 1ro de febrero hasta el 30 de abril de 2015. Esta prohibición en la posesión de los meros, no aplica a aquellos meros capturados y desembarcados antes del tiempo de veda.
  • FB15-001 - Southeast Region Electronic Monitoring and Reporting Implementation Plan
    Available for Public Comment

Other News:

  • Southeast Region Draft Strategic Plan Available for Public Comment - NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office drafted a strategic plan for fiscal years 2016-2020.  This planning effort is one component of a national initiative directed by NOAA Fisheries to ensure the agency's regulatory and science programs are consistent, transparent, efficient, and effectively aligned with the agency's two core mandates: Productivity and sustainability of fisheries and fishing communities, Recovery and conservation of protected resources. 
  • In the Federal Register of February 2, 2015, Vol. 80, No. 21, on page 5515, in the third column, correct the ‘‘Dates’’ caption to read: ‘‘DATES: Written comments must be submitted on or before April 3, 2015’’.
  • The Department of Commerce, as part of its continuing effort to reduce paperwork and respondent burden, invites the general public and other Federal agencies to take this opportunity to comment on proposed and/or continuing information collections, as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
  • NOAA has chosen two sites in the Southeast and Caribbean Region as the next Habitat Focus Areas under NOAA’s Habitat Blueprint.

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