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Conserving, Restoring and Managing of Fishery Resources in the US Caribbean

Fishery Bulletins 2020

new animated CFMC Bulletin:      Enero / January   


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new animated Article: Saving Nassau Grouper by Protecting Spawning Aggregations
               *In this article you can see two new videos that promote the conservation of Nassau grouper spawning aggregations.

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Photo credit: Beluga Smiles Productions, LLC (NOAA website)


 Anuncio comentarios Plan Estrategico ESP.  Anuncio comentarios Plan Estrategico

Puerto Rico

St. Thomas/St. John, USVI

St. Croix, USVI



Instructions on how to Comment / Instrucciones para comentar

      Fishery Bulletin FB20-039 - Request for Comments: Notice of Availability for the Island-based Fishery Management Plans in the U.S. Caribbean. *Para Boletín en español, pulse aquí

    * You may obtain electronic copies of the FMPs and environmental assessments from the NOAA Fisheries Web site
    * Versión en Español Disponible - Secciones de los Capítulos 1 y 5 del Borrador del Plan de Manejo Pesquero para la ZEE de Puerto Rico.

For all Draft Island-based FMPs, click here