Caribbean Fishery Management Council

Conserving, Restoring and Managing of Fishery Resources in the US Caribbean


Outreach and Education Advisory Panel

Goals and Objectives OEAP


Dr. Alida Ortiz Sotomayor (Chairperson)
Gerson Martínez - St. Croix Fisher
Andrés Maldonado Rivera - Puerto Rico Fisher
Adyan Ríos - NOAA Fisheries SEFSC
Emily Muehlstein - Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
Kim Iverson - South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
Vilmarie Román Padró - PR Department of Natural and Environmental Resources
Stephanie Díaz Pérez - Puerto Rico Sea Grant
Jannette Ramos García - Puerto Rico Sea Grant/Contractor
Ruth Gómez - St. Thomas
Nicole Greaux - Liaison, USVI-DFW/CFMC (observer)
Wilson Santiago Soler - Liaison, PR-DNER/CFMC (observer)
Liandry de la Cruz Liaison USVI-STX/CFMC (observer)